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It's a familiar sight: stray animals roaming the streets, especially in southern and eastern Europe. Cast out, they are left to survive on their own. Hungry, thirsty and diseased, they are exposed to countless dangers. Despite the anguish, they multiply in number, unchecked, and the result is often wide-scale culling or hundreds of animals locked away without nourishment or care. There is no long-term effect and the individual animals suffer terribly. It is a vicious cycle that can only be broken if there is fundamental change.

  • We educate the local population and call policy makers to rethink their approach to stray animals.
  • We ensure that strays receive basic veterinary care.
  • We run neutering campaigns and develop international pilot projects.


ETN e. V. carries out large-scale neutering programmes for stray animals, as this is the only way to reduce the population long term. It is paramount that we develop sustainable concepts. Our successful neutering project on Gran Canaria is a prime example. The project has now been extended to the other Canary Islands and is a prototype for other regions.

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