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More and more species are endangered – across the spectrum. And with them, the basis of human existence. Bee extinction is having a catastrophic impact on agriculture and our lives. The shrinking of the insect population is leading to dramatic changes in the ecosystem. The habitats of frogs, toads, dormice and a multitude of other species are continuing to decline. Here in Germany and the rest of Europe the main causes are pesticides, excessive land usage and intensive farming. The onus is on policy makers to create other conditions. However, equally important is the need to provide quick, practical help and remedial action:  

·  We buy up land if it is home to endangered species.
·  We join forces with local stakeholders to design concepts for the conservation of valuable habitats.
·  We are active on a wide scale with districts and municipalities to combat the depletion of rural areas and to save bees and other insects.
·  We support projects financially or by providing volunteers.

ETN e.V. is active in species and nature conservation and provides practical assistance. After all, protecting species is protecting animals. Our specialists offer their expertise to projects and initiatives, municipalities and activists. ETN invites young people to come and work for a year as an ecological volunteer and to help out. Our priority is to act fast.


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