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Animal rescue in disaster areas is not an easy task, but an incredibly important one, as natural disasters and political unrest have grave consequences for pets and domestic animals. Like humans, they, too, lose their home and often roam around helplessly for weeks among the rubble of destroyed houses. They suffer from injury, disease and trauma. They scavenge for food, threatened by starvation. Local animal welfare activists are often unable to help, since they themselves are struggling and have little to subsist on. Emergency situations like these require fast, unbureaucratic action:

·  We provide a fund for direct, spontaneous aid.
·  We guarantee provision of food and medication in disaster areas.
·  We stay put and see to the necessary rebuilding measures.

ETN e.V. has set up a relief fund for rapid response in the event of disasters. From this fund we finance food and medication and look after afflicted pets and domestic animals, ensuring their survival. At the same time we help the people who persevere in the disaster area despite the adverse conditions, so that they do not abandon their animals. In addition to providing food and medicine, we also help to reconstruct animal shelters, as the animals still depend on our help after the acute emergency has subsided.

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